If you need to renovate your license or rating, at CANAVIA we offer you the possibility of renewing all the ratings at the best price and with all the guarantees.

In the following table we detail  the necessary requirements you need in order to be able to renew any rating depending on the expiration of it.

RATINGS Less than 3 months Less than 1 year Less than 3 years Más de 3 años

No prerequisites

440 €

2h flight

760 €

3h flight

920 €

5h flight + theory (6h)

1360 €*


No prerequisites

760 €

2h flight

1720 €

3h flight

2200 €

6h flight + theory (7h)

3780 €*

   RATING  Less than 3 months  Less than 1 year  Less than 7 years  More than 7 years

IR (A)

DA - 40NG
DA - 42NG

FI (A)
Refresher seminar
10h + overcome evaluation test (aircraft SEP)
640 €*

 No prerequisites

SEP + 205 €
MEP + 230 €

2h fligh

SEP + 635 €
MEP + 710 €

3h flight

SEP + 1165 €
MEP + 1170 €

50h flighT


* All our prices for renewal of qualifications include all expenses: theoretical classes, training hours, airport taxes and examiner fees.

In addition, all of our renewal courses include a skill test of up to an hour and a half of preparatory duration for the exam.

The cost for the FI refreshment seminar, lasting 10 hours, is 200 euros.

Taxes not included.

Ask us for more information through our contact form, or call us at 928 939 369 or 659 100 726 and we will assist you personally

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