VFRN Night Flight Rating course

Access requirements

In order to access the VFRN qualification course you will need

To be able to access the Night Flight Authorization Course, it will be necessary to have a license validated by the EASA PPL (A) with SEP or MEP class rating.


The theoretical module is composed of a one-hour seminar, where the conditions of night flight and its particularities will be studied:

  • Optical illusions

  • Visual fatigue

  • Differences between day and night flight ...


The practical module consists of 5 hours of flight instruction (IFR) at night, made in the surroundings of the International Airport of Gran Canaria.

Thanks to our privileged location, we will have the possibility of flying between different international airports, which will allow our students to learn all the necessary procedures and skills, making several take-off and landings in night conditions with total safety.

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Night Flight Rating


*Examination fee not included*

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