MCC Multi Crew Cooperation Course

MCC course FFS Boeing 737 CL or FFS Airbus A320

The MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) course is indicated for those pilots who wish to carry out the necessary training to fly airplanes with crews composed of more than one pilot and where they must take into account important aspects such as coordination in the cockpit making decisions or task distribution.

An essential course for those pilots who wish to work  in airline companies.

Access requirements


  • (PPL) or Commercial Pilot (CPL) License.


The MCC course for Boeing 737  or Airbus A320 consists of 25 hours of theoretical training that include the following theoretical concepts. 

  • Interfaces

  • Leadership and authority

  • Personality, attitude and motivation

  • Communications

  • Crew coordination procedures

  • Mutual supervision

  • Information and help

  • Systems and performances Boeing 737 CL / Airbus A320

Our main goal is to ensure that all our students achieve a safe and successful training. 


After completing the theoretical classes, our pilots will carry out practical training in a simulator FSS Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 (duration - 20 hours) .

In addition, the course includes real training in multi-pilot operation (MCC), multi-engine aircraft and IFR flight conditions.

Boeing 737 CL or Airbus A320


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