Diamond DA-40 NG

The Diamond DA-40 or Diamond Star aircraft is a low-wing, large-span aircraft with a capacity for four passengers.

Its fuselage consists of composite materials and is the evolution of its previous model, the Diamond DA - 20 Katana.

Its impressive digital instrument panel makes this aircraft the perfect model for instruction without visual contact or IFR.

Main features

• Austro AE300 engine with 168 turbocharged and digital control (with three-bladed variable pitch propeller)

• Large aircraft (11.63m x 8.06m long) and small speeds, which makes it the ideal aircraft for training

•Certified as FULL-IFR (with a maximum ceiling of 16,400 feet) ideal for flying between low clouds

• 4 places

• JET A1 fuel

• G1000 glass-cockpit cabin with Garmin GFC700 autopilot

CANAVIA is one of the most equipped aviation schools with its own fleet composed of 7 fully operational aircraft with high availability.


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