Diamond DA-20

The Diamond DA - 20 Katana / Eclipse / Evolution is a single engine plane for two passengers, low wing aircraft designed by Diamond Aircraft for flight training, although it is also commonly used for private flights.

It was the first aircraft of Diamond Aircraft available for sale in the United States and today it is part of our fleet.

Main features

The entire fuselage is made of a composite of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Length: 7.2 m

Spread: 10.9 m

Height: 2.2 m

Flight ceiling: 4,000 m

The DA - 20 model is manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

The first model was the DA20-A1 Katana, produced in Canada in 1994, with a Rotax 912 engine.

CANAVIA is one of the most equipped aviation schools with its own fleet composed of 7 fully operational aircraft with high availability.


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