Make the art of flying your profession

Make the art of flying your profession

17/04/2020 | In Actually

The professional weblog of PRONTOPRO which is the most popular and number one portal in Spain has published an article about CANAVIA.
In this interview Mr. Mario Pons, the director and the owner of this aviation school talks about CANAVIA, some issues about the pilot training process and the real meaning of Aviation and Aviator.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Martha Sanchez ( Prontonpro Digital Content Manager) for her hard work in preparing this article.

Come and train with us

Would you like to be a commercial airline pilot? On June 17, a new professional pilot course begins in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. In Canavia we have been training professionals in the aeronautical sector for more than 12 years, our students are working in companies around the world and we continue to grow and fly 365 days a year. Come and fly to the paradisiacal Canary Islands.

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