DGAC  license conversion DANIEL ANDREAS FEUCHT


Good morning Daniel

First of all thank you very much for giving as the chance to know you better:

How did you know Canavia?

By Internet.

Do you think conversion proceed is such complicated?, ¿why?

When it is from a distance, I feel that it is a bit complicated in the sense that one does not have direct contact with the teachers, I mean in case of having any questions and being able to resolve them personally, but generally the process itself is not that complicated. At least in my case as I have received distance classes.

How would you sum up your training at the school?

It has been a really complete good training with very professional qualified staff.

which of our services could be better?

Perhaps if I had got the full exam taxes payment information from the begining as I could take it into account. 

Would you recomend Canavia to other students?

Sure I will.

¿what is the best memory you had in Canavia?

The Kindness from the staff and the possibility to fly among The islands

Could you define Canavia in only one word?


Why and how you have become a pilot?  

I became a pilot in Guatemala, training theoretically and practically because it was always my dream as a child and it still is.


What future prospects do you have within the aeronautical sector?

Anything related to aviation but specially to fly within comercial airline 

why didn't you keep your country license?

Because with the one from my origin country  I can't fly in Europe and then I needed to convert it since the previous one was expiring,so I didn't want to lose the whole process and work that I had already achieved.

Has there been something within the school itself that you did not like? How did you think that your training has been managed?

I would have loved to have more closly treat with instructors personally in order to answer some doubts and some remarks about knowledges but I would said it has been managed properly.

Were you informed clearly from the beginning how the training worked? Were your doubts answered?

At first I had some doubts but over time they were solved.

Thank you very much Daniel, we will surely meet again!