Fimar 2019

Fimar 2019

09/05/2019 | In

Canavia is going to participare to Fimar, Feria del Mar 2019. On Sunday May 12th, 1pm, Canavia staff will talk about the Pilot and Drone pilot training.

Aeronautical English Course.

On the 25th of October a new course of Aeronautical English will start. It consists of 100 teaching hours, taught in a mixed way: 70H distance learning and 30H face-to-face. With a timetable of 15 face-to-face teaching days of 2 hours each (initially two days a week), and with a maximum of 5 students.

In Canavia we have been training professionals in the aeronautical sector for more than 12 years, our students are working in companies all over the world and we continue growing and flying 365 days a year. Come and study with us.

Thaks a lot