Airport Operational Safety Course - AVSAF

Will you be working at the airport?

In CANAVIA we offer you the possibility of obtaining the required qualification with our Airport Operational Safety Course.

This course is aimed at all personnel in need of unescorted access to the movement area of an airport, for a standardized and quality training in operational safety.

The AVSAF training establishes two courses of different scope:

  • AVSAF-P (pedestrians) for unaccompanied access to the movement area of airports.
  • AVSAF-C (drivers) for handling and driving vehicles at airports.

Both courses require passing their corresponding exams, which will grant the different certificates, enabling the personnel to carry out different activities.

Required course to obtain ZASO and PCA access clearance

Current regulations establish that the AVSAF project is not mandatory, but all Spanish airport managers have expressed their willingness to implement the national AVSAF training model within the framework of European regulations.

Obtained qualification


You will obtain an official certificate issued by CANAVIA, as an authorized school certified by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA)

This certificate will be valid at all airports and for all companies, and is property of the employee. It will be part of the necessary requirements to be able to access and drive through the movement area of an airport.


The course will be conducted online, using a
tool hosted on the AESA website, based on Moodle.

  • Standardized training
  • Quality control through examination
  • Agreed minimum contents
  • Personal diploma, valid at all Spain airports and for 5 years.
  • Necessary to obtain access badge
  • Initial transition period


Course available at any time.


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