Tecnam 2002 JF

The Tecnam P2002-JF is a two-seater plane with a low wing and a fixed landing gear. It is characterized mainly by its high performance and flight qualities, which is the reason why a large number of these aircraft currently operate around the whole world (validated in 15 non-European countries).

The ease of piloting and maintenance of this aircraft make them an excellent choice for the training of pilots, and they are being used in flight schools around the world.

Currently, CANAVIA has two new single-engine Tecnam 2002 JF aircraft, acquired in 2017 and 2018.

Main features

The most extensive selection of avionics is available for the Tecnam P2002-JF, in order to allow almost any type of operation: equipment for day flight (VFR), equipment for night flight (N-VFR), as well as liquid crystal displays Garmin 500 and GNS 650.

Therefore, the Tecnan P2002-JF is one of the models chosen for the training of pilots in flight schools around the world, thanks to its excellent flight and maintenance performance, as well as its efficiency and low consumption.

About Tecnam P2002 JF

Tecnam P2002 JF is a single-engine, two-seater and low wing airplane. Furthermore, it has a fixed landing gear.

The advanced use of software apps for the design, fluid dynamics and structural analysis facilitate piloting and mantenance of this aircraft. Thanks to these factors, it is one of the favourites in flight schools.

Airplane's specifications are the following:

  • 568 NM Max Range

  • 122 kts Max Cruise Speed

  • 2 seater

  • Engine manufacturer Rotax 912 S2/3 100 HP

CANAVIA is one of the most equipped aviation schools with its own fleet composed of 7 fully operational aircraft with high availability.


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